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Adam WhatsApp Apk is a Famous messaging app for Android. It has a lot of Amazing features.

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Nowadays, everyone wants to enjoy privacy while interacting with others through messages or calls. Adam WhatsApp gives its users amazing privacy option which maintains their privacy. Using this app, you can hide your activities such as online status, typing or recording action, blue ticks, last seen, etc., which helps you to keep yourself private during conversations. Moreover, the app allows you to download the status of your contacts using the status saver option. So, you can easily download the Adam WhatsApp Apk 2022 free from our website. 

The backup feature of Adam WhatsApp helps users retrieve the app’s deleted data, so you don’t need to worry if you accidentally delete your chats. This WhatsApp gives you a beautiful iPhone theme, so when you get bored using the same green theme WhatsApp, you can apply this theme to give your app an iPhone-style appearance. Additionally, the app offers you the option of a message scheduler that you can utilize for sending messages to your loved ones at a particular time.

App Overview

The Adam Whatsapp provides users with an increased character limit of up to 250 for the written status so you can upload a lengthy status for someone. You can read the erased texts using the anti-revoke options and watch the deleted statuses whenever you want. This WhatsApp has a fantastic media sharing option that gives the users an increased sending limit than the original application, with which they can share 90-plus images simultaneously with others.  

In this WhatsApp, users will get a fantastic lock option through which they can apply a lock to the app and to the specific chat to keep the conversation private. To chat or call with an unknown number, you don’t need to save it as you can directly interact with him. Because of the increased character limit for the group name, you can easily use lengthy names. Moreover, this app permits users to run dual WhatsApp on their devices simultaneously without hassle using two different numbers.

Features of Adam WhatsApp Apk

Adam WhatsApp has lots of unique and interesting features for its users that are not available in other similar WhatsApp. Here we tell you about all the features in detail.

Back-Up Option

This WhatsApp offers you a great option of “backup and restores,” which helps you restore your data when you want to use WhatsApp on another mobile or accidentally delete the chats. All you need to do is go to the setting option of your WhatsApp and then enter the “back up and restore” option. After that, tap on the backup option, and all your data will be recovered on your new device or restored if accidentally deleted. In this way, all your chats become saved, and you don’t need to worry about losing your data.  

iPhone Theme

If you want your WhatsApp to look like an iPhone WhatsApp, then you must try Adam WhatsApp. This WhatsApp gives you a fantastic brown theme similar to iOS devices, which gives your app a unique iPhone-style look. Many other WhatsApp, such as WhatsApp Gold iOS, FM WhatsApp, etc., give you a similar iPhone theme. Because of this option, you can enjoy the experience of the iOS-style app on your WhatsApp. 

Message Scheduler

The Adam WhatsApp gives you the facility of a message Scheduler which you can use to send messages at a particular time. Users can send birthday wishes and surprise messages to their loved ones using the message scheduler. To send these messages, they have to set and adjust the correct date and time so the message will be sent automatically on your desired date. In this way, you don’t need to worry about sending wishes on time as you have already adjusted the scheduled messages.   

Customize Conversation

In Adam WhatsApp, users will get an awesome conversation customization option through which they can customize the chats according to their style. Because of this customization option, you can easily customize your messages’ color, shape, and size the way you like. Moreover, the app also gives you a huge range of unique and new fonts from which you can choose your favorite one for your app. 

Group Name

We know that group chatting is the best way to connect with many people simultaneously. This WhatsApp gives you an extended character limit for the name of your group. This character limit is for up to 35, but the original app gives you only a 25 characters limit. Using this option, you can give your group a lengthy name according to your group’s requirements. In this way, you will not face any issues regarding the name of your group.    

Call Unknown Numbers

Using this WhatsApp, users can easily call and chat with unknown numbers without hassle. If anyone irritates you by repeatedly sending unnecessary and pointless messages, you can interact with that person without saving his number and tell him not to do this unethical activity. But in the official app, you have to save unknown numbers from chatting with them.

Media Sharing

In this WhatsApp, you can enjoy a fantastic media sharing option that you can use to send more files, documents, and images than the official WhatsApp. The app allows you to send 90-plus images and long videos without decreasing their quality. But the official app gives you a sending limit of only 30 images simultaneously. Because of this option, you can easily share media with others without any hassle when you have a large quantity of sending data. 

Download Adam WhatsApp APK

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My Review

This chatting app is included in my top most used apps because of its advanced features and privacy options. This WhatsApp has an amazing iPhone theme for its users, which changes their app into an iOS-style application. My favorite feature of this WhatsApp is the customized conversation option through which I can customize and style the texts in the way I like. Moreover, this WhatsApp offers a backup option that helps restore deleted chats. So, I suggest this WhatsApp to those who want privacy options with many other unique features.  

FAQs About The Adam WhatsApp Apk


By reading our article, you will know everything about Adam WhatsApp Ap with all its features; here, I have summarized all the information you want to know about it. Because of this WhatsApp, users can contact and chat with unknown numbers, and there is no need to save the unknown number. Moreover, this app gives you more sending and character limits for group names than the official app. So, to experience a unique messaging app with advanced features, you must try the Adam WhatsApp Apk for free. I hope you like our article. Thanks for Visiting [].