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CooCoo WhatsApp Apk is a Famous messaging app for Android. It has a lot of Amazing features.

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These days the use of social apps for chatting is increasing day by day as everything has become online. That’s why the threats to people’s privacy also increased because people use unauthorized apps that leak all their personal data. But if you use CooCoo WhatsApp, you don’t need to worry about your privacy as it provides its users with complete encryption when they communicate with someone. This WhatsApp gives you strict privacy options and many advanced features unavailable in the official app. You can download the CooCoo WhatsApp Apk 2022 from our website. 

The Coocoo WhatsApp Apk allows the users to customize the app’s appearance the way they want using different background wallpapers and unique themes. It gives you a fantastic DND mode that keeps your WhatsApp notifications off then you can use the internet for online purposes without receiving WhatsApp calls and texts. You can also hide your online activity and last seen to keep yourself hidden from others. 

App Overview

This WhatsApp gives you an awesome dark mode that changes your WhatsApp into black. So when you become bored by seeing the same white theme, you can change the app to the dark one. Using the app, you can upload long videos of 30 minutes without cropping on your status. Moreover, this app gives you more than 70 amazing beauty filters which you can apply during video calls with your friends and beloved ones to have more fun. Using beauty filters, you look more attractive.

Using this WhatsApp, now it won’t be difficult to read deleted messages and watch the deleted statuses of people due to the anti-delete feature. To save your favorite statuses, you will get an option of status saver through which you can download any status you want. Additionally, you will get an extensive file-sharing option that helps you send large files and documents easily without any trouble.

Features of CooCoo WhatsApp Apk

CooCoo WhatsApp has many unique features for those who want a new and advanced chatting experience. A detailed explanation of these features is listed below.  

DND Mode

DND mode is for those who want to use the internet for other reasons but don’t want WhatsApp notifications. This option gives you the facility to mute your WhatsApp notifications, then you don’t receive any text or call from it, but still, you can use the internet without getting online. So, if you want some rest from your app’s notification, you can use this fantastic DND mode which makes you offline even when your data is connected.

Anti-Delete Status

With the anti-delete option, reading deleted messages becomes very easy as this option permits you to view those texts that the sender deleted before you read them. But using this option, you don’t need to worry about deleted texts the sender has written in it because you can easily read them by clicking on them. Moreover, with this option, you can also see the removed statuses, and other people will not know whether you have seen their status or not.

Complete Encryption

Because of this WhatsApp, you can enjoy complete encryption while chatting with your friends and beloved ones. This app provides you with end-to-end encryption so the creators cannot read your personal chats and listen to your voice messages. In this way, this WhatsApp keeps you private by maintaining your privacy. So, you must use this app to interact with your loved ones without compromising your privacy.

70-Plus Beauty Filters

In this WhatsApp, you will get 70-plus amazing beauty filters. You can use beauty filters during video calls to make yourself more attractive and beautiful. These beauty filters will enhance your look and make the video calls more entertaining. The app also gives you some funny filters through which you can add more fun while conversing with your friends to make the conversation interesting and funny.   

Hide Last Seen

Using the privacy options in Coocoo WhatsApp, users can easily hide their last seen and online actions. When you hide your last seen, the other person doesn’t know when you last used the app, but you can see other people’s last seen. In this way, you can keep your eyes on any contact you want to know when they use the app. Moreover, when you hide your online status, everyone thinks that you are offline, and they do not text you. You will only be seen online when you react to their messages. 

Extensive File Sharing Option

The Coocoo WhatsApp gives you an extensive file-sharing option through which you can easily share files with your friends and others without hassle. Because of this option, users can also send large-sized files without compressing them and compromising their quality. The app offers you this option so you can simultaneously send any file or document to more contacts. However, the official app permits you to send only small-sized files or by compressing files to send them.

Status Saver

If you like the status of someone and want to download it, you can easily save it on your device with this status-saver option. To download any status, you have to press the download button present below the status, and it saves into your device memory. Then you don’t need a status downloader or third-party apps for downloading your favorite status. This fantastic feature is unavailable in other similar apps and the official WhatsApp. In other apps, you have to use the status downloader to save the status.   

Download CooCoo WhatsApp APK

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Size62.8 MB
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My Review

I always prefer Coocoo WhatsApp over other messaging apps because of its amazing privacy options. This WhatsApp protects your privacy while chatting with someone, so you don’t have to worry about someone reading your chats. What I like the most about this WhatsApp is the beauty filters which I always use during video calls with my friends to look more presentable. Moreover, it allows you to post long status videos of almost 30 minutes and a written status of 700 characters without hassle. So, if you want the best messaging app, you must try CooCoo WhatsApp.

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In the above article, I have summarized all the information about CooCoo WhatsApp Apk with all its features. Using this WhatsApp, you can enjoy many advanced features which maintain your privacy during conversations. This app gives you a huge collection of beautiful themes which you can use for your app to change its appearance. Moreover, in this WhatsApp, you can send texts and files to more contacts at a time.So, if you like CooCoo WhatsApp APK , you can easily download it free from [] without spending money. I hope you like our article. Thanks.