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GB Facebook Apk is a Famous Social Media App. This Version has A lot of Amazing Features.

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In this modern age, almost everyone uses social media apps to keep themselves update-to-date with what is happening around them. GB Facebook is one of the best options for those who want to interact with different people and make new friends. Using this app, you can connect with your family and friends with the help of the Messenger option. So, you can download the latest version of GB Facebook Apk 2022 with all its features free from our website.

The GB Facebook Apk has a huge variety of themes that you can apply to your application. You can customize the themes and use unique fonts to style your chats. The app supports multiple accounts, so you can switch between any of them when you want, and you don’t need to log out to use the other. Moreover, you can enjoy watching the uploaded videos or stories without getting noticed by anyone and remains anonymous. 

App Overview

In this app, you will get the downloading option through which you can save any video or story you want on your device. You can use GB Facebook without any security risk because it maintains your privacy. With this app, you can share your videos, images, and daily life activities with others. Moreover, if you don’t want to watch the advertisements while using the app, you can remove them without hassle.

This Facebook has a fantastic night or dark mode that most users like because they like the dark theme, which does not irritate their eyes like the other mode. Because of the offline mode, you can watch the loaded videos and stories without an internet connection whenever you want. Moreover, this app has a user-friendly interface for the users, so they don’t face problems while using it, no matter if they are beginners.

Features of GB Facebook Apk

GB Facebook gives you many interesting features you will not get in the original application. Here we tell you about some features in detail.

Night Mode

The official app has only one mode, but this application also gives you a fantastic night mode that you can apply to your app for a different experience. With this night mode, your app looks unique and different from others. Moreover, this app gives you lots of unique themes, and you can also customize the themes according to your needs. You can select any of your favorite themes, which include pink, white, orange, etc.  

Anonymous Story Observer

Using GB Facebook, you keep yourself anonymous while watching the uploaded videos and stories. Because of this option, you can watch anything posted by any person, and he does not even know whether you have seen their story or not. But in the original Facebook, when you see the uploaded video or story of anyone, he will know. So, if you want that nobody knows that you have watched their stories and remain anonymous, you should use this application.   

In Built Facebook Messenger

This Facebook gives you Facebook Messenger, so you don’t have to download it separately to keep in touch with your beloved. Using this option, you can interact with your family and friends through texts and calls. However, the official app does not have this feature, so you have to download Messenger separately, but if you have GB Facebook, you can chat with anyone from the app because of the Messenger option.

Download Videos

In the official Facebook app, you can download videos and stories others posted or use a third-party app to download your favorite videos. But the GB Facebook offers you the downloading option to save your favorite uploaded videos in high-quality resolution without any third-party app. This app gives you different formats, which include 240p, 360p, 1080p, 1440p, and 2160p. You can use any of these formats for downloading videos on your device. 

Block Ads

Users can easily block and remove sponsored and paid promotion advertisements on this GB Facebook. While using the original app on any device, such as mobile, desktop, etc., you have to watch annoying pop-up promotion ads and sponsored posts. However, watching ads while using social media apps is very disturbing. But if you have GB Facebook, you don’t need to worry about ads, as you can remove them for free. 

Offline Mode

The GB Facebook also offers you an amazing offline mode through which you can give likes and comment on posts without needing an internet connection. But you can only react to the videos and stories if the posts are already loaded. Otherwise, you will not be able to comment or give a like to any post. Using this option, when you offline comment or react to any video or post, it will automatically deliver when you get online. But the official app does not allow you to comment or react to any post without an internet connection.    

Download GB Facebook APK

NameGB Facebook APK
Size13.1 MB
DeveloperGB Apps
Last Updated1 Day Ago

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In this post, you will learn everything about GB Facebook App, its features, and why people prefer it over the official one. With this Facebook, users can block unwanted ads to watch the stories without any interruption. You can also call your loved ones and chat with them with the option of Facebook Messenger. Moreover, this app allows the users to download the posted videos on their device storage. So, if you want a unique Facebook with extra features and benefits, you must use the GB Facebook Apk. Thanks for visiting []