GB Instagram Apk is a Famous Social Media App. This Version has A lot of Amazing Features.

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GB Instagram is an awesome option for those who like to upload their videos and images on social apps to share with others. In this Instagram, you can post anything you want and get more advanced features than the official one. This app gives you the feature of copy captions or bio, which you can use to copy any caption you want and use the zoom option to see the profile pics of users clearly. Moreover, you can hide the view story, so when you see the story of anyone, then he does not know. So, if you want the best Instagram, you can download the latest version of GB Instagram Apk 2022 free from our website without spending a penny. 

The GB Instagram Apk has a built-in translator option which translates any language into your language. Because of this option, you can easily interact with your foreign friend without needing any other translation app because it automatically translates the foreign language into yours. With the fantastic customization option, you can change the themes of your app whenever you want. Then when you are bored by using the one theme Instagram, you can use this option to switch the theme with your favorite one.

App Overview

This Instagram allows the user to mark any message, video, or GIF, but you cannot mark anything in the original app. You can hide your online presence if you don’t want to reply to your friends or don’t talk with them. Then they see your status offline, so they don’t text you. Using this Instagram, you can preview the images at full screen without compromising their quality, but the official does not allow previewing the images.

This Instagram supports external players so that you can play the videos on the media player without hassle, but the official Instagram does not support any external players. With the download media option, you can easily download the posted videos and images directly on your phone storage. You can use this Instagram with multiple accounts at one time on your mobile. Moreover, this app does not need rooting of your device; it is completely anti-banned, so you don’t need to take tension for getting banned.

Features of GB Instagram Apk

GB Instagram App gives users many unique features unavailable in the original app. Moreover, its simple interface makes it different from other similar apps. Some features are explained in detail.

Hide View Story

While using Instagram, users can watch the stories of anyone, and their profile becomes saved in the viewer list of that person, so he knows that you see his story. But in this Instagram, you can hide the view story, so when you see the story of any person, he never knows whether you have seen the story or not. Because of this option, the other person will not see your profile in the list. In this way, you will remain anonymous while watching the stories of others. To hide the view story, enter the setting menu and tap the privacy option. Now press the option of hiding view stories.    

Multiple Account Option

The GB Instagram offers you the multiple account option through which users can simultaneously use more than one account on their devices. In the official Instagram, you can also use multiple accounts simultaneously, but you need to sign out of your first account when you want to use the second one. But this Instagram permits you to use both accounts at one time without logging out to any of them. Press your profile icon and enter the navigation menu to use multiple accounts. After tapping on the account settings, sign in with another account.       

Copy Bio And Caption

In the GB Instagram, you can copy the bios and captions of any Instagram user and paste them wherever you want. This app also permits you to copy the text below the uploaded videos and images. But the original Instagram does not have the copy option, so you cannot copy the bio and caption of anyone. Then you have to write the caption by seeing it repeatedly, which wastes your valuable time. So, if you like the caption of your friends or other users and want to copy, you should use this Instagram, which gives you the copy option.

Zoom The Profile Pics

Using this Instagram, you can zoom in on the profile pic or the uploaded image of any user to see it. Most people want to zoom in on the DPs and images of the people to view the small details like accessories, dresses, etc., as they cannot be seen clearly without zooming. You just have to tap on the image for 2 seconds, and it gets to zoom in. After you see the image, drop it, so it returns to its previous size. But you cannot zoom the images in the official version as it does give you the zoom option.    

Download Media Files

This Instagram lets you download any media file into your device without hassle. However, you cannot save the videos and media you like using the official Instagram, which is very annoying. That’s why you have to use any third-party app to save your favorite media. But if you have this Instagram on your device, you can easily download any video or image uploaded by someone. All you have to do is click on the three-dot option in the top right corner of the media. You will see a menu list, press the GB and then the download option. The media gets downloaded to your device.     

Download GB Instagram APK

NameGB Instagram
Size38.9 MB
DeveloperGB Apps
Last Updated1 Day Ago

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My Review

I like GB Instagram very much and prefer it over others because of its advanced features. With this Instagram, you can zoom the profile pics to see them clearly and copy the caption of any story without any hassle. What I like the most about Instagram is that you can use it with multiple accounts at a time on one device. Moreover, this app gives you the option of customization through which you can customize the appearance of your app by changing the colors according to your desire. So, I recommend this Instagram to those who want to enjoy extra features with anti-ban.

FAQs About The GB Instagram Apk


Here we give you all the information about GB Instagram Apk and its features. Then you will know how this Instagram gives more advantages over other apps. With this Instagram, you can download media files such as videos and images posted by other people. To see the profile or DP of anyone, you can use the zoom option. Moreover, the app also allows you to hide the view story, so no one will know whether you watch their story. So, if you want an amazing app for sharing your videos, you can try this Instagram. Thanks for Visiting [