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HeyWhatsApp APK is a Famous Messaging App. This Version has A lot of Amazing Features.

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Hey WhatsApp is one of the best messaging apps most people use to connect with family and friends. In this WhatsApp, you can enjoy an excellent privacy option that maintains your privacy and keeps you encrypted. To remain encrypted, users can hide their typing and recording actions then other people think they are not using the app. The app also lets you hide the blue and deliver ticks so your friends and others believe you are not online. You can easily download the Hey WhatsApp Apk 2022 free from our website. 

In this updated version of Hey WhatsApp Apk, you can protect and hide your chat by adjusting a password so that no one can open or read your chat without entering the right password. You can also set a password on your whole app to keep your chats private. With this app, you can save the status of any person into your device storage by pressing the download button. Moreover, this app gives you different colored and styled ticks for your chats. 

App Overview

Because of the anti-revoke option, you can also read the deleted texts and watch the removed statuses; then, there is no need to ask your friends for the deleted content. In this WhatsApp, users can share and upload long videos of 7 minutes on statuses without reducing their quality or compressing them. You can also make groups of numerous people and have lots of fun in group chats.

This app allows you to interact with an unknown number without saving it in your contact list. So, if anyone irritates you by sending unnecessary messages, you don’t have to save its number from talking to it. The app has a wide range of themes and background wallpapers for designing the app the way you like. Moreover, this app has an ani-banned option, so users can use this app without any threat of security or getting banned.

Features of HeyWhatsApp Apk

Hey WhatsApp App gives users fantastic privacy and other advanced features that are unavailable in the original WhatsApp. Here we tell you about some features in detail.

Chat Lock

In this WhatsApp, you will get a fantastic chat lock option through which you can set a lock on any chat you want. To lock any of your chats, you can set the password as a pin or number. Because of this option, your private conversations remain hidden from others, and no one can read them. In this way, you don’t need to worry about your personal chats because they are completely hidden, and people can only read them using the correct password.

Anti-Delete Option

This WhatsApp gives you an anti-delete option with which you can view the deleted texts and watch the removed statuses. This option is not available in the official version of WhatsApp, so you can’t read the messages which are deleted by someone, which is very annoying. The app also allows you to watch the removed statuses within 24 hours. Because of this option, you can surprise your friends by telling them about the deleted status. Then you don’t need to worry about viewing the deleted messages and statutes.   

Lots Of Themes

In the app, you will get lots of fantastic themes for styling your app. These themes and backgrounds are unique. You can apply any of your favorite themes and make your WhatsApp more attractive than others. With this option, you don’t need to use the same themed app repeatedly. Moreover, this WhatsApp allows users to customize the themes and font styles according to their requirements.

Media Sharing

Hey WhatsApp gives you an amazing media-sharing option that you can use to send large MB videos and audio. The official WhatsApp allows you to share only 17 MB of video and 20 MB of audio files. But if you have this app, you can send long MB videos of up to 50 MB and audio of up to 100 MB. So, if you have large MB files to send and share with each other, you should use this app which allows more MBs than the official one.  

Upload Long Statuses

With this WhatsApp, you can upload long status videos of 7 minutes without compressing and cutting them. Then you don’t need to upload videos in small parts as you can easily send the whole video. However, the official WhatsApp permits you to upload only 30 seconds of videos, which is very annoying when you have large content to upload and share with others. Moreover, the app gives you more character limits for the written status to express your feelings.  

Group Chat

In Hey WhatsApp, you can create multiple groups in which you can add almost 256 plus participants and connect with all of them at the same time. By making groups, you don’t need to text your friends separately because you can chat with all your friends in a group. All you have to do is make a group and add any of your contact members. Then when you send a text to the group, it is read by all the participants simultaneously. Moreover, this app gives you 255 characters for the name of your group.

Download HeyWhatsApp APK

NameHey WhatsApp APK
Size57.9 MB
DeveloperGB Apps
Last Updated1 Day Ago

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In the end, now you know everything about Hey WhatsApp Apk with all its unique features. Reading our post will help you decide whether this app is good for personal conversations. This app keeps you completely encrypted and private during the conversations, so you don’t need to worry that someone can read your chats. Moreover, this app allows you to create different friend groups, upload long videos, lock any particular chat, and many more. So, if you want the best chatting app, you must download this WhatsApp from [GB-Download.com]. Thanks.