RC YOWhatsApp Apk is a Famous messaging app for Android. It has a lot of interesting features.

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RC YoWhatsapp is one of the most competent modded versions of Whatsapp used nowadays. It has been designed by Richar Correa. As suggested by the name, the RC YoWhatsapp is the combination of two versions of WhatsApp: one is official WhatsApp and the other is YoWhatsApp. Being a modded version, it has modified features of both WhatsApp and YoWhatsApp.

It is free to download on Android phones and iPhones. However, this Whatsapp is fully based on an iOS theme because it has been specially designed for iOS lovers, keeping in mind that many people cannot buy iPhones; but why can’t they enjoy the iPhone features?

How RC YoWhatsapp is different from YoWhatsapp & official WhatsApp?         

RC YoWhatsapp apk is inspired by the YoWhatsapp and official WhatsApp. It contains all of its features. However, this modded version is different from both in many ways, which are as follows:

There are many features such as privacy hide online status long status, long status time limit, status downloader, hide blue ticks, multiple themes, anti-delete, anti-revoke message, multiple languages, data backup, anti-ban, hide or freeze last seen, block calls, DND mode, auto-reply feature, and, message scheduler which are only available in this modded version of Whatsapp and not in official WhatsApp.

Moreover, it is also a better reboot for the YoWhatsapp. The developer has modified the YoWhatsapp features for this version. He has made it a complete iOS-themed version. Due to its striking features, it is a better option to use in comparison to both of the other versions of WhatsApp.

Modded Features of RC YoWhatsApp

Fully updated

It is the latest version of Whatsapp, therefore it is fully updated. It contains all the features that are launched to date; Hence it can take your chatting experience a level up.

iOS-based user interface

It is one of the most anticipated features of this modded version. It has an in-built iOS user interface that allows you to experience how it is to use Whatsapp on iPhones.


This WhatsApp has very strict policies for privacy. Hence your data is completely safe and secure with it.             

Hide online status

Sometimes we put something private on the status which we only want to share with family and intimate friends. Therefore, this modded version also allows you to hide your status from the people you do not want to show.

Long status

This modded version of WhatsApp ensures that you can put long videos as well as large text on your status. As our generation sets status every day; this is all you need.    

Status Time Limit

In this modded version of WhatsApp, the time limit of status has been increasing up to five minutes.

Status Downloader

Sometimes our friends put statuses that we like and want to save. This Whatsapp has solved this problem by introducing a status downloader for saving our favorite statuses.

Hide Blue ticks

This modded version also allows you to hide your blue ticks. Hence the sender would not know whether you have seen the message or not.

Multiple Themes

This WhatsApp contains a large variety of themes. The main themes include iOS RC Theme, iOS White, iOS Dark Theme, Glax theme, and UIS Theme.


Through this feature, you can see the deleted status of your friends and can reply to them as well. Therefore, you would not miss out on seeing any status.

Anti-revoke message

This Whatsapp also gives you an anti-revoke feature. With that, you can read the messages deleted by the sender.

Many languages

This WhatsApp also supports multiple languages. You can easily translate the message of one language into another.

Data Backup

This modded version of WhatsApp has improved the data backup system. Hence you would not lose any of your chats and multimedia.


It is an anti-ban version of WhatsApp. It prevents your account from getting banned.

Hide or Freeze last seen

Sometimes we do not want to show our last seen to everyone. For that reason, this modded version allows you to hide and freeze the last seen.                               

DND Mode

Whatsapp pop-up message notifications are so disturbing when you are doing some important work. Therefore this Whatsapp also provides you with Do Not Disturb Mode, so that you would not get distracted.

Auto Reply feature

This feature is similar to Whatsapp business. When you are not online, this WhatsApp will send auto-generated replies to your contacts if they would message you.

Message Scheduler

It also gives you a message scheduler feature. It reminds you to send messages so you do not miss any important messages.

Download Rc YOWhatsApp APK

NameRC YOWhatsApp
Size70 MB
DeveloperAlex Mod

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Personal Opinion

RC YoWhatsapp is an addiction for me nowadays. Its modded features are worth-praising. It is fun, interesting, and stylish to use. This has upgraded my chatting experience. A big thumbs up from my side for this app. I can recommend downloading this app to you.

Frequently Asked Question

  • How to update RC YoWhatsapp?

  • To update RC YoWhatsapp, follow the below-mentioned steps:
    • Go to settings in RC YoWhatsapp.

    • Select the update version.

    • Download the update version and install it.

    • This will automatically update this modded version of WhatsApp.
  • How to download the latest version of RC YOWhatsApp?

  • If you want the latest version of this app, all you need to do is click the download button given in this article to download Fouad WhatsApp’s latest version.
  • Is it safe to download RC WhatsApp APK?

  • Yes, this modded version of WhatsApp is completely safe and secure. It has been tested by anti-virus and anti-malware software. Due to the safety, many people are using it.
  • Can I use RC YOWhatsApp on iOS devices?

  • Yes, you can use this WhatsApp on all iOS devices, such as iPad, iPhone, and more, without any risk by downloading it from third-party websites.
  • How to download RC YOWhatsApp for PC?

  • To download RC YOWhatsApp on a PC, you need to install an Android emulator named Bluestacks. Then you can easily install and use this app on your PC.
  • Which version of android does RC YoWhatsapp APK support?

  • RC YoWhatsapp APK supports 4.0 and above versions of android. However, if your android version is below 4.0, it would not work on your device.


This WhatsApp is one of the best Whatsapp available. Its modded features are very advanced and make it very desirable. This is all you need if you are an iOS lover. Hurry up and download this app and enjoy the iOS-based Whatsapp using experience!!!