Royal WhatsApp APK

Royal WhatsApp Apk is a Famous messaging app for Android. It has a lot of interesting features.

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What is Royal WhatsApp APK?

As there is an increasing demand for functionalities in Whatsapp, we are glad to introduce Royal WhatsApp APK. It is one of the modded versions of WhatsApp and has many exciting features that the original Whatsapp lacks. As the name suggests, royalty is all it promotes in chatting!!! It is stylish and trendy and is launched to give an elite look to chatting. If you also crave a next-level chatting experience, this is all you need!!!

It is an easy-to-use app and can be downloaded by anyone. Its UI system is android and iOS support, hence it can be downloaded on both Android and iPhones. Compared to the other modded versions of WhatsApp, it is a better option to download.

Modded Features of Royal WhatsApp APK

Express service

This modded version has express delivery. All the activities such as sending messages, posting statuses and many more have been done faster than other WhatsApp. If you have good internet, this WhatsApp is a lifesaver.

Better Privacy

This modded version has strong security. It also has a verification system. All the messages are secured through end-to-end encryption. There is also strict privacy for media.

Transfer any format file

It does support only specific formats of file transfer, rather it allows sharing of files having a variety of formats. Hence your communication is not limited now.

Longer Status

This WhatsApp allows you to put long videos on your status. Now your video will not break into chunks while uploading the status.

Emojis and Stickers

This modded version of WhatsApp has introduced a wide variety of emojis and stickers to choose from. It will take your chatting to the next level.

Zooming option

The zooming option is neither present in official versions, nor it is available in many modded versions. However, in this WhatsApp, you can zoom in on the profile picture of your contacts lists.


It is also an anti-ban app. No users are banned here.

Hide and lock chats

If you have privacy issues and do not want your chats to be seen by others, then this is the must-download app. This WhatsApp allows you to lock your chats and hide them from people.

Freeze last seen

This Whatsapp also has a feature that could freeze your last seen to a specific date and time. It will allow you to be online without getting caught.

DND Mode

If you hate WhatsApp pop-up notifications, then no worries. This modded version of WhatsApp can set your WhatsApp to Do Not Disturb mode or flight mode.


It is a stylish feature presented by this modded version of WhatsApp. It allows you to change the interface and make it transparent.

Hide Blue Tick

It is one of the most anticipated features of WhatsApp. It ensures that you can hide a blue tick from your seen messages.

Hide Status View

Just like the blue tick, this modded version of WhatsApp can also hide the status view for you. Hence, you can view the statuses of your friends without letting them know.

Status Downloader

One of the most amazing features of this Whatsapp is status downloading. It will allow you to download and save the status of your friends if you like them.


Another exciting feature this Whatsapp offers you is an anti-revoke feature. With that, you can read the messages deleted by the sender without letting them know.

Increased limitation for Status

With this modded Whatsapp, you are not limited to sending only 144 characters for status. Rather, you can write up to 255 characters in your status.


The Royal WhatsApp APK has royal customization options. Here you can customize your interface, and conversation screens, add a variety of emojis, and many more.

Message Sending

Sometimes you want to message people who are not in your contact list. The original version of WhatsApp does not allow you to do this. However, in this modded version of WhatsApp, you can send messages to people who are not on your phone’s contact list.

Download Royal WhatsApp APK

NameRoyal WhatsApp
Size47.1 MB

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Personal Experience

Royal WhatsApp APK is such a nice modded version of WhatsApp. Its amazing features give a royal touch to my chatting. It has taken my chatting experience a level up. The anti-revoke feature is what I love the most. It is a fun, interesting, and trendy mod of WhatsApp. I love this app.

How to Install Royal WhatsApp?

You need to follow these simple steps:

  • Download the latest version of Royal WhatsApp APK from the link given below.
  • Enable Unknown Sources from Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.
  • Install the APK.
  • Open the application and enter your mobile number to verify your account.
  • That’s it. You have successfully installed Royal WhatsApp on your Android device.

Frequently Asked Question’s

  • Can we use Royal WhatsApp APK with the original Whatsapp?

  • Yes, you can use this modded version of WhatsApp along with the official WhatsApp. You can log in to both of them using the same account. This WhatsApp has an anti-ban feature so you would not be banned here for logging on this.
  • Is it safe to download Royal WhatsApp APK on the phone?

  • Yes, this modded version of WhatsApp is safe and secure. It has been tested by anti-virus and anti-malware software. The users are completely satisfied with it till now.
  • How much does royal WhatsApp cost?

  • This modded version of WhatsApp does not cost any money. It is complexly free. You can easily find it on the internet and can download it.
  • Why should I use Royal WhatsApp APK?

  • You should use this WhatsApp because it is a modified form of the original WhatsApp. It contains many features that are not present in the original version. Moreover, it elevates certain impositions set up by the original version which makes it more desirable.


The Royal WhatsApp APK is a reliable and trustworthy mod of WhatsApp as compared to the other modded versions. It is not a scam and provides you with all the above-mentioned features.  It is one of the best-modded versions of WhatsApp available. If you are a royalty lover, you can rely on this. Then what is holding you back? Go and Download the Royal WhatsApp APK and give your chatting a royal look!!!