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TM WhatsApp Apk is a Famous messaging app for Android. It has a lot of Amazing features.

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TM WhatsApp is an excellent option for those who want end-to-end encryption and complete anonymity while chatting with others. This WhatsApp allows you to interact with your relatives and friends whenever you want, but it requires a smooth internet connection to run properly. This version gives you awesome privacy features to keep your private; that’s why most people prefer the TM WhatsApp Apk over the official app. Even app creators cannot read your chats and listen to your voice messages, so you don’t need to worry about your privacy.

Titus Mukisa is the creator of this amazing WhatsApp and has become very popular among people because of this app. By downloading the latest version of TM WhatsApp Apk from our website, you can experience lots of additional features that are not present in the original WhatsApp. If you are away from your loved ones, you must try this chatting app to interact with them. With this app, you can send more images and videos at a time to your friends.  

App Overview

Using this app, you can easily disable forwarded tags from those videos and images someone, forwards to you. With this option, no one will know that you have sent them the forwarded files. TM WhatsApp allows you to customize the themes according to your style and make your app different than others. Moreover, you can send messages to more than five groups simultaneously without any forward tag.  

This WhatsApp offers a fantastic app lock option through which you can arrange a pin or pattern password on your app, so if anyone wants to open you open first, he has to use the correct password. In this way, no one can use your WhatsApp and see your private conversations without your permission. Moreover, you can hide your online activities by adjusting your app’s settings; everybody thinks you are offline.

Features of TM WhatsApp Apk

TM WhatsApp App provides you with many fantastic features which you will not experience in other similar WhatsApp. Here are some features of this WhatsApp.

Customized Themes

This app gives you the option of customized themes through which you can change or customize the themes according to your need. You will get a huge library of unique themes to choose from for your app’s display and background. This WhatsApp permits you to apply any theme you like for the background and style your app differently in a unique way. All you need to do is go to the settings option and click the themes to select your favorite theme.  

Increase Sending Limit

In TM WhatsApp, you can enjoy the facility of increased sending limits that are unavailable in other modified apps. In other similar WhatsApp, you can send only limited files, which causes a lot of inconvenience in case of sending long files. This app permits you to share 100 plus images and documents simultaneously with numerous contacts, and the quality remains the same. But in other apps, you can send only 30 pics at a time, which is very annoying. Moreover, it also allows you to send audio songs of almost 100 MB, but in the original app, you can send only a few MBs of audio.     

Copy Status

If you have this WhatsApp, you can save your friends’ status and any contact. It also allows you to copy the text written at the bottom of the video status. Because of this option, you don’t need a third-party app for downloading your favorite statuses. In the official app, you have to use third-party applications to save the statuses. But this WhatsApp allows you to save the status by pressing the download option, and the status saves directly into your device memory.   

Set Automated Reply

TM WhatsApp gives you the facility of automated replies so that you don’t need to waste your time replying to your friends. With this option, when anyone texts you, they receive an automated message which you have set. You can write anything you want in the automated message, which is sent automatically. All you have to do is adjust and set the message and select the contacts to which you want to send the text. In this way, you can also send birthday wishes to your friends and family, but you have to set the proper date and time so the message will be sent automatically at that time.  

Simple UI And Anti-Ban Option

This WhatsApp has a simple UI through which you can easily operate this app without any trouble. Even if you are a newbie, you can easily operate this app because of its user-friendly interface. Moreover, it also provides you with an anti-ban option which makes this app safe to use for users without any threat of getting banned. So, download this WhatsApp and use it without any guidance. 

Hide Your Conversation

Using this WhatsApp, you can easily hide your chats so they will not appear on your display on the home screen. Then nobody knows that you have received messages from anyone as they can’t see them. In this way, you can make your conversations private from others by hiding them. So, you should this WhatsApp to keep chatting privately with the people you want. 

Upload Long Statuses

In this WhatsApp, you can upload lengthy videos and written statuses without hassle. This option is best for those who want to share long videos with others. In the official WhatsApp, you can only upload videos of 30 seconds and written statuses of up to 250 characters. But this updated app allows you to share videos of up to 7 minutes and also more than 250 characters for written statuses.

Download TM WhatsApp APK

NameTM WhatsApp
Size62 MB
DeveloperTitus Mukisa
Last Updated1 Day Ago

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My Review

I mostly use this WhatsApp to keep in touch with my friends and family through chats and video calls. This app allows me to interact with them for hours through unlimited video and audio calls for free. What I love the most about this WhatsApp is that it has an anti-ban option through which you can use it without any banning risk. Moreover, using this app, you can easily set the automated reply to any number of your contact list. So, if you want to enjoy chatting with complete encryption, you should try this WhatsApp. We definitely recommend it.

FAQs About The TM WhatsApp App

  • Does this app allow you to send long MB videos?

  • This WhatsApp allows you to send up to 100 MB of videos, but the original app only permits you to send a few MBs of video.
  • Are you at risk of getting banned while using this app on your devices?

  • No, there is no risk of being banned while using this app for chatting with friends and others because it gives you an anti-ban option.
  • Does TM WhatsApp give you a simple UI?

  • The UI of this WhatsApp is very simple, and everything is smoothly designed so users can easily operate it to interact with others.
  • Can I use TM WhatsApp on iOS devices?

  • Yes, you can use TM WhatsApp on all iOS devices, such as iPad, iPhone, and more, without any risk by downloading it from third-party websites.
  • How to download Fouad WhatsApp for PC?

  • To download TM WhatsApp on a PC, you need to install an Android emulator named Bluestacks. Then you can easily install and use this app on your PC.
  • Is this TM WhatsApp lightweight or not?

  • This WhatsApp is very lightweight compared to the real one, which makes it suitable for low-memory and ram devices.
  • Is this WhatsApp secure for Android and other devices?

  • Yes, this app is 100% secure to use on all Android and other devices. You can use it anytime, wherever you want, without any risk, as we try to provide a secure app.


In our above-described article, you will learn all information about this WhatsApp with all its features. This WhatsApp gives an awesome chatting experience to users with unlimited calls and messages. In the app, you can enjoy amazing privacy options which keep you private during chatting. Moreover, this WhatsApp allows you to hide your conversation from other people then they do not see the messages you receive on your home screen. So, if you like the TM WhatsApp Apk, you can download it from []. Thanks for coming to our site.