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WhatsApp Go APK is a Famous Messaging App. This Version has A lot of Amazing Features.

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This WhatsApp is the perfect option for those who want to enjoy some new features for a unique chatting experience. Using this app, you can send unlimited texts and make hundreds of free video calls to your family. This app keeps you encrypted during conversations and maintains your privacy. You will get a huge variety of themes to customize your app. Moreover, you can make groups and set their privacy rules according to your requirement. So, you can download the latest version of WhatsApp Go Apk 2022 from our website.

The WhatsApp Go Apk gives you the facility to change the app’s icon and notification icons according to your desire. It permits you to send up to 90 images, and there is no need to compress them, but the original app has a sending limit of only 30 images. With the anti-delete text option, you can read the deleted messages. Additionally, you can run this WhatsApp offline without needing an internet connection to interact with others.

App Overview

Because of the DND mode, your status becomes offline even if you are using the internet then you can’t send or receive texts to anyone. You can use this option when you don’t want to talk to anyone and want peace from the app’s notifications. This app allows you to copy your contacts’ written statuses and captions and then paste them anywhere you want.

In this WhatsApp, you can use lots of emojis and funny stickers between your chats with friends for a fun effect. You can download the status of contacts on your device without using a third-party app, but you will need third-party apps in the original app to save statuses. Moreover, to keep your conversations private, you can use the lock option and set a password on the app so no person can open your app without your permission.

Features of WhatsApp Go Apk

WhatsApp Go App gives you many amazing features that are not present in other chatting apps, making it unique. Some features of this WhatsApp are listed below.

Lots of Emojis

In WhatsApp Go, you will enjoy lots of new and cute emojis which you can send during conversations. With this option, you can express your feelings in different ways by sending cute and attractive emojis. Emojis are a short way to show their feeling for those who don’t know how to express them. There are many funny emojis that add fun to your chats. Moreover, you can also send your favorite emojis to the reply of any of your favorite statuses. 

Hide Last Seen

Using this WhatsApp, you can hide your last seen and online status from other,s but you can see their online status without any hassle. With this option, everyone thinks that you are offline, and they do not know when you last time used the app. You can use this option to avoid unnecessary texts or when you are not in the mood to talk with anyone. Moreover, this app gives you an ad-free experience; there is no need to watch the pop-up ads while using the app.

Offline Mode

This feature is one of the most interesting features of this app, through which you can operate this app offline. So, there is no need for an internet connection or Wi-Fi source to run this game; you don’t have to worry if you are out of your home. However, you cannot run the official app without a stable internet connection, but if you have this app, you can connect with your loved ones whenever you want. 

Increased Sharing Limit

In this app, you can enjoy an increased sharing limit through which you can send more files, documents, and images than the official app. WhatsApp Go allows you to send almost 90 images at a time, but you can share only 30 images in the original app. This option is very useful for people who have to send more content.  

View Deleted Texts

Users can view the deleted text or images with the anti-delete text option. When your friends or any other person deletes anything after sending it, it is very annoying and creates curiosity in you to know what is written in that text. But with this app, you can read deleted messages without any hassle. Moreover, if anyone deletes the status before 24 hours, you can watch it with the anti-delete status option. Then you should use this app to enjoy the deleted content.   

Lock Option

This app provides you with a fantastic lock option that you can use to hide your chats from the lock. This lock is available in pattern as well as a pin, so you can use anyone that is easy for you to remember. Then when someone wants to read your chats, they can’t because the app is locked. Additionally, you can enjoy end-to-end encryption using this WhatsApp, as no one can read or listen to your messages.

Download WhatsApp Go APK

NameWhatsApp Go APK
Size37.9 MB
DeveloperGB Apps
Last Updated1 Day Ago

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By reading our post, you will learn everything about WhatsApp Go Apk, along with all its features. This app gives you an improved sharing limit than other similar apps. It gives you a huge variety of stickers to make your conversations more interesting. Moreover, you can use this WhatsApp without an internet connection at any time and make free video calls to your loved ones. So, to experience the best privacy option in your app, you must use this WhatsApp by downloading it from our site for free. Thanks for checking out [GB-Download.com