WhatsApp Plus APK

WhatsApp Plus Apk is a Famous messaging app for Android. It has a lot of interesting features.

Enjoy Privacy   Save Status  Customization Unique Themes


In the modern era, everyone communicates with each other by chatting using different communicating social apps. While using communication apps, users always have a fear of privacy. But WhatsApp Plus provides complete encryption and privacy to users so they can chat freely with their loved ones without any privacy threats. Here we give you all information about this WhatsApp, so you will decide whether you need this app or not. You can free download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus Apk 2022 for Android from our site by pressing the download button.

The creators of this WhatsApp gain lots of popularity because this app has become famous worldwide. This WhatsApp is an alternative to WhatsApp Plus official with many additional features. In this premium app, you will enjoy lots of extra emojis, themes, wallpapers, stickers, font styles and many other things free of cost that are not available in the real app. All these features are free to use, and you don’t need to spend money on them. 

What is WhatsApp Plus Apk?

The WhatsApp Plus Apk is the latest version of the official app, which has many new features. This free app gives you more themes than the real app, so you can change the appearance of your app and make it more stylish the way you like. It has a great sharing option that permits you to send videos of almost 7 minutes and 50 MB without hassle. Moreover, this WhatsApp keeps you encrypted during your chats, so you don’t need to worry about your privacy.   

This WhatsApp gives you a simple UI so everyone can use it without issues. It also allows you to hide the blue tick option through which nobody knows you have seen the messages, so you don’t need to reply instantly. With this WhatsApp, you can easily save the status of others. You will get different font styles, shapes, colors, and sizes from which you can use any you like for your app. The app gives you an option of cleaner, which clears all your old texts; you don’t need to delete them by yourself. So, you must download this app on your mobile for a wonderful experience.    

Additional Features of WhatsApp Plus APK

WhatsApp Plus app has many amazing features for the users to enjoy a wonderful chatting experience. Below we give you some unique features of this WhatsApp.

Enjoy Privacy

With this WhatsApp, you can enjoy complete privacy during your conversation as it provides end-to-end encryption for your chats. Because of this option, your chats remain private, and no one can read them without your permission, even the app developers. This app uses strict privacy rules so that hackers will also not read your private chats. So, to enjoy complete encryption and privacy, you must download this WhatsApp on your devices.  

Hiding Facility

The Plus WhatsApp allows you to hide your last seen, and when you are online, nobody knows whether you are using the app or not. With this option, you will get relief from those people who always text you when you are busy. This app also allows you to hide your status from others and choose only certain people to watch your status. So, to ignore the unnecessary messages using the hiding facility, you should free download Whatsapp Plus for Android from our website.    

Different Themes

In this Whatsapp, you will get a huge variety of themes that you can use to change the outlook of your app. You will get 700 plus different and unique themes from which you can pick any you like according to your taste. However, the real app gives you a limited range of themes and wallpapers. You can also use different emojis in your conversation for fun and enjoyment. So, if you want to enjoy unique themes and customization options to change the other things of your app, such as font styles, chat screens, etc., you should use this Whatsapp app. 

Advanced Sharing Option

This Whatsapp allows the users to experience the advanced sharing option through which you can send any file of any size you need. In the original version of this Whatsapp, you will face lots of problems while transferring large-sized files and videos. But if you have this Whatsapp Plus on your mobile, then there is no need to worry because it allows you to send videos of above 30 sec, videos of up to 50 MB and audio of up to 100 MB without any problem. So, if you want to share files, videos and documents without trouble, download this app.

Auto-Reply Option

In WhatsApp Plus App, you will also get the facility of auto-reply if you need it. However, in the real version, you can only use this option for the Business chats, which are mostly available in the Business app. But using this version, you will be able to use the auto-reply facility during your chats. This option is a great blessing when you don’t want to reply because of laziness. With this option, you will adjust an automatic reply to those messages you don’t want to type, for example, to say Hi in the answer of Hi.  

WhatsApp Plus Vs Normal WhatsApp

Features GB WhatsApp Normal WhatsApp
Voice callCan be DisabledCan’t Disable
AccountsUnlimited AccountsOnly one account can be used
ThemeAllow CustomizationNo Customization
Unique Fonts and Style
Share big files
RecordingCan Hide Recording StatusCan’t hide
History and LogsKeep TrackCan’t Keep Track
Removing sent item
Can hiding writing and seeing textShow’s live Action
Security Lock

Download WhatsApp Plus APK

NameWhatsApp Plus
Versionv17.10 | v9.40
Size54.3 MB | 56.3 MB
DeveloperAlex Mod | Fouad MOD

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How to Install WhatsApp Plus?

You need to follow these simple steps:

  • Download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK from the link given below.
  • Enable Unknown Sources from Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.
  • Install the APK.
  • Open the application and enter your mobile number to verify your account.
  • That’s it. You have successfully installed WhatsApp Plus on your Android device.

What’s New in v17.10

  • [Fixed] Crush In Chat Screen On Some Devices>
  • [Fixed] Problems That Caused App To Freeze &
  • [Fixed] Calling By Phone Call Option Giving Wrong Number Sometimes
  • [Fixed] Voice Notes Blue Mic Icon Issue In Home Screen
  • [Fixed] MOD Backup Folder Taking Big Storage Space
  • [Fixed] Translate Messages Shows Copied Message
  • [Fixed] False Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Reports
  • [Fixed] Mute Indicator In WAMOD Row Style
  • [Fixed] Widget Opens Without App Lock
  • [Fixed] WA Bots Menu Not Clickable
  • [Fixed] Video Call Confirmation
  • [Misc] Improved Anti-Ban Feature
  • [Added] Clear Backup Option Now Delete All Old Backups Data. More Space Saving. (Mods > Universal > Backup And Restore > Clear)
  • [Added] Option To Switch Translation Mode Between In-App Or Gtranslate App (Mods > Conversation Screen > Translation Option)
  • [Added] Copy Caption Feature For Media (Image/Video) Select Image/Video > 3-dot > Copy Caption
  • [Added] Status View Toast (Mods > Home Screen) Now Immediately When People Watch Your Status
  • [Added] Buttons To Scroll To Bottom (Newest) And Top (Oldest) Message In In View All Messages Screen
  • [Added] “Save To Gallery” Option When Media Visibility Is Turned Off
  • [Added] Ability To Set “Search Web” Or Use Emoji For Profile Photo
  • [Added] Show Total Message Count In View All Messages Screen
  • [Added] In-App Translation


  • Not finding backups fixed
  • It is now automatic to close the new menu
  • Message group crashes have been fixed randomly
  • It takes a long time to send messages in groups
  • This issue has been resolved
  • Swipe Row has been fixed
  • It’s now possible to reset the default wallpaper when you reset your preferences
  • Several issues with Status Splitter have been fixed (not all)
  • Fixes and improvements in many areas
  • Miscellaneous Explore on your own!

My Review

This WhatsApp app has become one of my favorites because of its firm privacy rules, which make it safe for private chats. Using this app, users can easily hide their last seen; then, they don’t have to reply to unnecessary messages as the sender will not know whether they have read their text or not. This app has an advanced sharing option with which you can send any document without difficulty and gives a wide range of themes and emojis. Therefore, I recommend this app for those who want unique themes and customization options.

FAQs About The WhatsApp Plus Apk

  • How to use one number on two phones in WhatsApp Plus?

  • To use one number on two phones, you need to scan the QR code from one phone to another in WhatsApp. Then you can use the WhatsApp app with one number on two separate devices.
  • Is the WhatsApp Plus Apk secure for Android, iOS and Mac devices?

  • This WhatsApp is completely secure for all types of devices, and there is no risk in using this app because it is free from virus and malware threats.
  • Which mode of WhatsApp Plus supports spying?

  • A secret mode supports spying through which you can keep an eye on any contact by using a spy app.
  • How can you hide chats in WhatsApp Plus?

  • You can hide chats in WhatsApp Plus by adjusting a pattern lock at them. So when anyone opens your WhatsApp, they must make the right pattern to read your chats.
  • How to get rid of WhatsApp Plus ban?

  • To get rid of the ban in WhatsApp Plus, you have to download the latest version from our website with an anti-ban option so you can use the app without the risk of getting banned.


Overall, you have learned everything about WhatsApp Plus with all its premium features, as I have summarized all information in the above article. This WhatsApp provides you with many different features unavailable in the real app. It gives you a wide range of themes, background wallpapers, and the facility to share large files. So, to enjoy a fully safe app for your private conversations, free download the WhatsApp Plus Apk latest version with the newest update free from our website. Don’t forget to share this WhatsApp with others. Thanks.