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YMWhatsApp Apk is a Famous messaging app for Android. It has a lot of Amazing features.

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These days everyone who is away from their home and wants to keep in contact with their family. They mostly use social messaging apps to connect with their loved ones, but there is always the risk of privacy. But if you want an app which gives you complete encryption, you should go for YM WhatsApp. Using this app, you can watch your family and friends whenever you want through unlimited video calls without compromising your privacy. You can download YM WhatsApp Apk 2022 free from [GB-Download.com].   

The updated version of the YM WhatsApp Apk has many additional privacy options that you will not find in the official app. The app offers you a restore and backup option, which you can use to retrieve your valuable data in case the data is deleted accidentally. You can operate this WhatsApp on your devices without any risk of banning because of the anti-ban option. Moreover, you can put a lock on your WhatsApp with a password to hide your personal chats from others.

App Overview

In this WhatsApp, you will get 700 plus themes, and the app permits you to apply any of your favorite ones. You can customize the themes the way you like and change the font styles according to your need. This app offers a downloading status option through which you can save your favorite status directly into your device’s memory by tapping on the download button.

YM WhatsApp offers you the option of changing emojis through which you can add new emoji packs and stickers. You can use unique and funny stickers and emojis in your conversation to add extra enjoyment. The app gives you the facility of removing the person’s name from the chat; then, you can only see his profile picture. Using it, you can hide many things, such as blue ticks, your typing and recording action, and your online status to keep yourself private. 

Features of YMWhatsApp Apk

YM WhatsApp App gives you many new features unavailable in the original WhatsApp. The interface of this WhatsApp is very simple, and users easily operate it without any hassle. Below we give you some of its unique features.

Hide Typing And Recording Action

Using YM WhatsApp, you can hide the typing and recording action while conversing with the other person. In this way, other people will not know whether you are typing the text or not, so they don’t wait for your message. At the same time, you keep typing when something does not come to your mind, and the other person waits for your reply, so it is very embarrassing. But with this option, nobody will see your activity while you are typing or recording a message to reply to their texts.

See Deleted Texts And Statuses

With this WhatsApp, you can easily see those texts which someone deletes. The app also allows you to read the deleted messages in groups; you don’t need to worry about what is written in the messages as you can view them. Because of this option, you can surprise your friends by telling them the text that he deleted. But in the official WhatsApp, you cannot see the deleted texts, which irritates the most. 

Hide Blue Ticks

In this WhatsApp, you can hide your last seen and blue ticks. When you hide blue ticks, the sender will never know whether you have read its messages because he will not see the blue ticks. The person will only see the blue ticks when you reply to its texts; otherwise, the ticks will not turn blue. However, when you hide your last seen, no one knows whether you are offline or online or when you last time used WhatsApp. But in the original app, everybody can see you last seen without any issue.      

Custom Privacy

This WhatsApp gives you different custom privacy options which you can use to enjoy a fully encrypted chatting experience. The app permits you to use the privacy options for your entire WhatsApp. But you can also apply the options to any specific contact you want without any hassle. The custom privacy option provides users with complete end-to-end encryption and anonymous interaction with their family and friends.

Pin More Numbers

Using YM WhatsApp, users can pin more than three numbers simultaneously. Then when you receive a message from any of the pin contacts, it always is at the top. In this way, you can easily mark those contact members whose messages you want to read first. But in the original WhatsApp, you can only pin up to three numbers, so if you want to pin more than three numbers in your contact list, use this upgrade WhatsApp.  

Lock Your App

YM WhatsApp gives you the amazing option of the lock through which you can set a lock in the form of a pin or pattern on your WhatsApp. Because of this option, no one can open your WhatsApp without entering the correct password and using the pattern. In this way, your personal conversations remain private, and nobody can read them. So, use this WhatsApp and keep your chats private.   

Download Status

If you have this WhatsApp on your mobile, you can save the status of your friends and any contact you want without any issue. All you need to do is press the download button given below the statuses, and the app saves the status directly into your mobile gallery without using any third-party application. But in the official WhatsApp, you need a third-party app to download your favorite status. So, download this WhatsApp and save your favorite status.  

Download YMWhatsApp APK

NameYMWhatsApp APK
Size42.1 MB
DeveloperJesús Muentes
Last Updated1 Day Ago

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My Review

This WhatsApp is one of my favorites because of its unique and advanced features. Because of this app, users can easily hide their typing and recording actions. This app gives you an anti-delete status and anti-delete text option through which you can view the removed texts. My favorite feature about this app is that it offers you the option of download status, with which you can save any of your favorite statuses. Moreover, this WhatsApp allows you to pin more than three numbers simultaneously. So, if you want a custom privacy option, you should try this WhatsApp.

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In this above-described article, we have summarized all information about YM WhatsApp App with all its features. With this WhatsApp, you can remain in contact with your friends. You will get many amazing custom privacy options to enjoy end-to-end encryption during chats. Therefore, if you want the best messaging app, you can download the updated version of YM WhatsApp Apk free from our site. If you like this WhatsApp, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Thanks for visiting our site.